Third Week Treats: Halloween Will Get You Every Time!

The Journey so Far: 48.8km + other cardio

Weekly Distance/Cardio Tracker: 24km  + 00:20:00 other cardio

★★★☆☆ Week: Started the week with my cold moving from the sinuses to the throat, and back. I did a few workouts at home, not wanting to continue the chain. Snow forced me there for my 16km Fartlek training on Saturday though.

Takeaway for the week: Learn to take compliments, and better appreciate those offering me support.

Books I’m reading: “The Collected Essays, Journalism And Letters of George Orwell, Vol. 4, 1945-1950” and “Ten Secrets the CRA Doesn’t Want you to Know” by David Voth. The Orwell collections is for entertainment/personal interest, while the tax tips book is just to keep sharp in my career.

Last Week’s Goal: 15km Fartlek: I was forced to do this on a treadmill, which I hate running for extended periods of time on, but it was great. I ended up doing 16km and had a net elevation change of 1000ft. When I do it again next month, winter will just be getting it’s teeth into my city, so it will be on a treadmill again. I’ll be aiming to increase the elevation change, while throwing in some downhill sections as well. Should be interesting and help keep me interested!

Next Week’s Goal: Jogging hike with a lot of hills. Potentially go to the the Sleeping Giant, plenty of trails there for me to use.

Well, I must say I had a pretty good week, even with the lingering cold. The workouts scheduled for the week were all completed, including 3 runs and I had a rejuvenating week at work. I cannot wait until my next 5 mile test run, two more weeks of running improvement first though! I’m very confident I will be able break the 35 minute mark and therefore allow myself to start doing some training for longer distances, and incorporating inclinesbut time will tell!

Nutritionally speaking, I had a brutal week, but I’m not too focused on that yet anyways. I’d like to ensure I’ve got myself well into the workout groove before I start making any significant changes to what I eat. It’s normally pretty healthy anyways, as I get my largest chunk of daily calories mostly from my a daily shake. It usually contains a banana, whatever berries I happen to have, a raw egg, spinach, milk, and yogurt.  However, I definitely have had too much Halloween candy and been eating too many salty snacks on top of that!

I finished my coworker’s book, and would recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have a written financial plan in place. At the very least it will give the DIYer some general tips, but my hope is that through the various anecdotes and examples you would realize the importance of working with a professional. Do you trust your car repairs to anyone other than a mechanic? Why do anything different in regards to your money, which greatly helps to facilitate your entire life!

After posting this edition of the journey, I’m hoping to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Mostly reading Orwell, or perhaps even a bit of studying for CFP before I dive into another busy week. The Friday 5 mile I have planned for myself can’t come fast enough, I need to see my progress!

Have a good week all!
Cody @theswellswede


5 thoughts on “Third Week Treats: Halloween Will Get You Every Time!

  1. flhockeymomfit November 5, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    Trying to get back on the training bandwagon. It is tough to run with a cold, but I was able to log 3 miles tonight. Hopefully, the cold move out for of us and not get in the way of our training!


    • Swell Swede November 5, 2017 / 10:17 pm

      It certainly is tough to run with a cold, especially indoors where it’s not as easy to clear yourself out aha!

      Liked by 1 person

      • flhockeymomfit November 5, 2017 / 10:25 pm

        Very true! Fortunately, Florida winters are perfect for running outdoors!


      • flhockeymomfit November 6, 2017 / 8:23 am

        This is true! Fortunately, the boys usually have an out of state tournament up north, so they get the chance to play on an outdoor rink.


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